Covid PPE Response Team

Meeting local needs for PPE

We are working on addressing the shortage of protective equipment through community provision. To slow down the spread of the corona virus and therefore save lives.

When exploring how we could best help on covid in Mid March, secondary protection (PPE) from visors was identified as critical, often unavailable and something that can realistically be produced locally.

We have teamed up with groups producing facemasks and scrubs so people can request all three under one roof.

Join In - Protecting those who are protecting us - Request PPE

PPE Offer

What does each team provide?


The World Health Organisation has said anyone with symptoms should wear a mask. They are very common in Asia to decrease risk.

While handmade masks don't offer the same filtration or fit as commercial masks they are a simple way to reduce risk. Hand-made masks avoid the risk of purchasing supplies which are needed for the medical profession.

Locally, Dyfi Valley Health have asked all paitents who visit them to wear a facemask.

For more information please email Jenny.


Immediately collaborating internationally and working to meet local needs. To ensure availability of supply we took three paths in parrelel. We produced visors via fabrication, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Once we were setup, we met the needs of our local town within a week, in the second week, we managed to also meet requests from the Dyfi Valley including many care homes in Aberystwyth.

Our visors newsletter, Vision is now available First Edition, Second Edition, Third Edition, Fourth Edition, Fifth Edition.

Documentation is available - for the 3D printed visors and our laser cut visors.

Thanks for the kind offers to support us, as requested we have now setup a Paypal account so people can do that.


Scrubs are being made locally for the local medical community with materials provided by local companies.

If you need any, feel free to request.

More details are available from Ann or Phil on 01654 700094 or email

With thanks to the incredible community


Jenny Lampard, Liz, Kelly Pearson, Cassian, Jay, Anthony Jones, Lyn, Ann MacGarry, Anne Misc, Cara Enfys, Elen and Jess Chick, Sandie Beasley, Ann Gynn, Elizabeth Fenwick, Cheryl Micah, Hazel Sturt, Gill (Dyfiview ), Jacinta MacDermot, Jeni Neale, Jennifer Clarke, Sara Lewis, Nic and Paul. Carlos, Wendy H-P, Maureen Hughes, G McKever, Nikki wilde, Wendy Fuller, Sandy Andrews and team, Liza Brown.


Feasibility Community Newsletter , Charity Garnett, Paul Feely, Stephanie and the open source community.
Hand Made designs by Rosie, Stef, Noah, Ronan, Michele and Paul Feely.
Laser Cuttering - James Dent email or 07507 436483 of Hossa Design. David Ingleston. Ysgol Bro Hyddgen - Tommi Rowlands, Jon Starbuck, Peter Kenny and Steve Nickles. Mike Jollands. Aberystwyth University
3D Printing - Mark Clive - Bright Sparks electricians, Tim Kesley - Dragonfly Bistro, Steven Roebuck.
Assembly and Cleaning - Fran Jackson (Therapeutic Massage), Dave Roberts, Corine, Will Bamford, Ysgol Bro Hyddgen, Louise Halestrap, Aber Instruments
Distribution - Jenny Lampard, Will Bamford, Fran Jackson, Anthony Jones, Harry Adams, Robert Buchan Terrey, Jennifer, Kelly, Steve Berry.
Comms and collab - Ian Tansley, Kaja - Studio Participate, Suzanne Iuppa, Poppy - Discover Dyfi, Anne Marie Carty.
Design and more - Duncan Bamford - Insight Illustration.
Documentation - Anthony Jones.
Funding - Bro Dyfi Community Renewables, Community Foundation Wales
Partners - 3D Crowd, 3D frontline, N3DPS, MCCR (Inc. Carlos, Jeanette Gray, Kim Bryan, Communications Group and more)


Gill, Jenny, Anne, Olivia, Carrie &Freya, Alice, Eirian, Ann, Caroline & Jim, Ann, Sue, Megan, Angela, Sue, Gill, Dai & Wendy, John & Penny. Thanks too go to Tammi & Anansi, and Jenny Lampard. Fabric donated by Sam & Cath at Wheeler's Fabric and sister organisation The Organic Textile Company, Ann, Phil & Nancy.

For all key workers and those protecting the community

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